iPad is Swiped Method!


I took advantage of making emojis partly invisible and then huge, so wherever you swipe you will be swiping the emoji, creating a when iPad is swiped possibility. I used this emoji ■ which you can get on fancy key, made it 97% invisible and then made it so it was big enough to cover the whole screen. Then to make the iPad is swiped rule, make a rule: When (this emoji) swiped (left or right whatever you prefer), perform this action. For what is swiped, put the object that you enlarged.
Hope this helps!


You actually can "hack" an iPad is swiped rule. You have to bring out a When that has iPad (such as something is tapped), and tap iPad. Drag it off and replace it with swiped. It should be there! Credit to @t1_hopscotch for showing me this!


Ooh that's very clever @JaszyKake!

Here are some photos too of what @CreativeCoder is describing :smiley::



I have tried this before I read this post, for me it doesn't sork


Hi @JaszyKake! Thank you so much for this post! I used it in my most recent game for Crossy Farm (inspired by the new crossy road video) as when I was watching the video I suddenly thought "this button idea is going to be really hard to use. I know, @JaszyKake did a post on swiping the iPad!" and so I used this topic and it really helped! So thank you very much for sharing such a bright idea with the forum!:cat::yum:


Thanks :slightly_smiling: ihave made crossy road before but I used buttons


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Hello! Your vibrant pad is awesome but you should maybe align the colours better sothey arent all over the place.


Sure, I'll try to do that! I think that doing those colors in different shades was good because say someone wants to use different colors of green, they actually can!


You should maybe add shades of blue for water.


Ok! I can work on that. :smirk:


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@t1_hopscotch why doesn't it work for me?


@Kiwicute2015 Wow! It seems the Hopscotch Team finally patched this bug! :frowning:

Maybe try to remix a project that already has this. We should really suggest this as a When block.