iPad Artists Official Topic! (Contest Is Closed, Sorry)



@PandaBlossom, monitor this by putting it on Watching. And please add all team members of the iPad Artists. Then I will remove the Wiki. So, for the first round, here is my drawing:

I guess everyone posts theirs, then whichever one is the best is the one we enter?


But I'm doing on paper... She said I could. But im on your team?


If you are doing paper then you are on my team. :smile:


No, you're not, wait, I don't know, ask PandaBlossom! But I'm pretty sure you're on the paper team. And this is just for the iPad Artists, so no one cheats by looking at our topic, so please get out of here.


Yay! Ok! Sure. So why don't you make a topic?


May I join? I made my own Drawing pad... (And I made my profile picture)


Ehhhh...yes? iPad, paper, which one?
@tankt2016 , @Dude73 one of you has a new recruit.
Sorry :confused: :T


Can I just do this for fun?


IPad... And does it have to be on Hopscotch?


Ask @PandaBlossom in the original topic, New Drawing Contest!


@PandaBlossom, this is the topic, put it on Watching.


I take it I can't enter?


Yeah, sorry...I feel so bad ;-;
Like for you cause I feel bad
;-; I wish I could like ;-;


Can I join this? This sounds really fun!


Sorry, recruits entries are closed ;-; I wish I could....here's a like...otherwise I would feel
guilty ;-; SOWWYY again...I'm going to spam like you!
Here's a like!


It's okay I totally understand!!!


;-; SOWWYY now I feel reeeaaallll guilty, anything I can do for you? A pic? I'm going to post on the drawing topic :wink:


No it's okay!!! I'm really fine!!!!


If @Dude73 is not on, can I make the topic about the paper drawer thingy?


Yes? Just tag her and make sure she knows, I'm not sure if she should, she is leader of your team, but because you offer to do something like that...I think you get a point for helpfulness! Yay!