iPad and Camera Photography







This is from an airplane. I will probably be on here some, I like photography and I even got my dad’s camera for my birthday!


I got project diva f so time to abuse these vocaloids


h o p p i n g s t e p p i n g m a y w e h a v e t h i s d a n c e


Smol moth.
I wonder what species of Moth.

greyscale version

If you find this photo on google images, it’s probably because I posted it on my IG as well as here.


My tabby cat


ooh! lemme whip up some good photos real quick


edit: some of the photos require clicking on to see the whole thing.
these photos may be at a low quality because i take them in a ipod touch 6 and don’t have a real camera. :|

to spare you the scrolling

please do give me criticism and tips for improvement! i have some other good ones but sharing them would reveal my location ://


I absolutely LOVE the dogs! Now, here’s,what I think you could improve on: When you take a picture, if it is just a landscape, keep the main subject away from the middle. The snowy picture with the pine trees is a great example. Your building pictures tend to fill the picture with mostly the building. Try to keep your distance from the building when you take the picture. I have some great shots in my camera, but it would take a long time to download them.


More airplane pictures. That’s literally all I have.

The second one is bad. Rainbow pictures tend to mess up.


Me has Pusheen eating ice cream. I love Pusheen kitty!


Disclaimer: I am in no way a good photographer so beware XD

This is a freinds cabin I stayed in when my family went to Canada IMG_3315
I was on a run this morning and saw a hot air balloon, so I took this picture while running and I almost tripped over my dog XD



I have a ton of pusheen stuff, and I have a unicorn pusheen from my birthday


thank you! i get what you’re saying. thanks again for taking the time to write that :3


You’re welcome! I love photography, and I want to help others get better!


lighting practice with a flashlight, desk lamp, and various figures

yes I lost pluto’s legs


The moon.


very rare kaitos


Hatsume miku pop vinyl??