iPad and Camera Photography


Gah she's so pretty! <3


Welcome to my bedroom


This lags so much!! Pictures have been repeated


my first nendoriod weeeeeeeee


went to an art museum and found this masterpiece :ok_hand::ok_hand:
Let me see if the I can find the artists name.

Edit: I don't know the artists name sadly if I do find it I'll post it.

Another edit: it was made by Saul Steinberg


hipster fish :ok_hand:

hipster geese :ok_hand::ok_hand:



Those pics are amazing @SummarianStudios! I have like 700 pics on my camera but none on my iPad I wish I could post them!


@photographer123 I'm sure they are great! :slight_smile: You are "Photographer123" after all​:joy:. If you really want some on your iPad you could airdrop


Bad photo of good ice cream :thumbsup:


@photographer123 you should check and try this out.


Oh wait I see you have done that nvm then.


Here’s some pics I have


Click for better quality

Bad photos of the koi fishies at my house


Is that chocolate and mango?


Strawberry closeup




Chocolate, mango and blueberries & cream



Sorry for the before albino squarell pic it was an accidental screenshot of the original


mosspelt the supastar