iPad and Camera Photography


-ferris wheel
has been equipped!


fidget spinner
sorry I just have a big hatred for spinners



gotta get that dramatic lighting amirite


(even tho it's a little over Fourth of July lel)

Raspberry Gelato :yum:


OHmygod that looks so delicious


They all look so yummy!



kewlz! :DD


These are so pretty how do you even phOTO????
And that snail is so cute om G??
I'm p sure it's a snail so if not ignore this ;v;


I got a new app and was playing around with it -- also made PFP's/backdrops for some --


yup, it's a snail :)

I dunno I just try to make sure whatever i'm taking a picture of is in a good position/angle and keep it focused by trying not to shake my phone around, and i place filters on some of them using the app Camera+

I think I literally had to hold the flower (gently) to take the snail photo

also the cat photo isn't a picture of my own cat because allergies, it's this homeless cat i keep on seeing on walks, and my mom buys cat food for it when we go where it usually is, and this has been happening for about two months so the cats used to us


yes I knew it ;v;

I've always wanted to do it but my arms shake 24/7
but ill try and use those tips!! Thank you!!

That's really cool!! There aren't many cats where I live(last time I saw one was when I was three) sadly. ;-;
And same I always wanted a cat but allergies and stuff.


your welcome!!

takes pictures of room to stay in trend XD my table is a total mess #MyRoom (someone used that tag for their room)

in the first photo you can see a white cap with stickers and badges on it, I put those on to use it for silly hat day at my school (°◇°;)

you can also see in first pic: warriors books, harry potter books, diary of a wimpy kid books, chronicles of narnia, magic 8 ball, sunglasses case, big nate comics, and cats figure

second pic: poodle doll, chest that I painted, why did my mom leave perfume on my table, tiny guitar i got a long time ago that i dug up in my closet, purple slime in container, tiny music box, mouse and a mousepad with puppy on it, empty squishable apple sause, pile of papers about school and summer reading stuff, light-up cat thingy with a windup pikachu toy next to it, long swirly thingy that is used as an eraser, book sock, paris and rome snowglobe, and pink figure of the effiel tower. thats all i could list for now :P

i was bored


cool sky


This is a really old photo of a pumpkin that was growing in our yard.

I am really proud of this photo.


Me trying to photo in a supermarket

yes I do have tiny t̶r̶a̶u̶m̶a̶t̶i̶z̶e̶d̶ 6 y̶r̶ o̶l̶d̶ w̶i̶t̶h̶ s̶n̶a̶z̶z̶e̶h̶ s̶t̶r̶i̶p̶e̶s̶ hands


Simply amazing potatoes


I have that little cat lamp in the second picture! It's so cute :slight_smile:


ITS ME :000



Old photo of my aunt's dog

I get to see her this Friday!!!!