iPad and Camera Photography


Your the most organized person I've ever seen




I love sunsets/clouds

I took all of these


venus flytrap?
I saw one at a store and I begged my mom to let me buy one but then I did some research and I can't handle feeding it crickets and bugs :(



you're supposed to feed them like, once or twice a month but we never really do that I'm a horrible parent lol


Why does that look kind of familiar to my city? :thinking:


Idk, what letter does your city's name start with? (If ur comfortable with telling me that)


It starts with a W


Oh then no. There are a lot of towns that start with W around me tho. Is the next letter a? If not, then u don't live close to me


No, it's not

oh well the pictures still look kinda similar


snail time


He is so cute!


I got one




lol the fidget spinner



I have that same galaxy BG lel


Haha !
Once a zebra licked our windshield and we forgot to clean it




That moment when you are bored and you want to take a photo of something.
So have a bad quality picture of my wall