iPad and Camera Photography


Your hair is amazing omggggg


lol that's what I was gonna say


Thanks! :D



nice doggo :000


Your hair is so kewl!
(Mine is messy XD)


Made this diy :wink:


i did not take this photo, its just that I think it's really cuttttteeee.


Hi, yeah you might think those are a ton of photos but I haven't been on this forum from more than a year. Btw, does anyone remember me? I stopped using hopscotch and the forum when hopscotch got deleted from my school iPad and i was not allowed to download it. I was bored today so I logged on this forum. Anyway, what do you guys think of the photos?


They look great @Laura, btw I noticed that you haven't posted for a while welcome back.


Thank you​:grinning::slight_smile:️

(When I forgot the problem of not having 20 characters :rage:):sweat_smile:


Yeah, XD
(That rule can be a pain)

Your welcome, I'm probably new compared to you XD


This is probably one of my fave topics on the forum



This is refugee the cat


2 things in my room!
1- a dream big thingy mibober
2- a book lol XD


I love that book! Lol.


Yeah I have read all of them except 1 and 2 but read 3-11


Coool. I have read them all because each year our school buys the books for the people that want them.


where I am (mai bed)


Oh ok!
Uuuugggghhh I'm out of liiiikkkkkeeeessss!!!