iPad and Camera Photography


Added an awesome filter to a pic (THAT I DID NOT TAKE)!


Filters...on a bun. Which one do you guys like the best?

  • 1st one
  • 2nd one
  • 3rd one


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sorry i'm obsessed with this app–i'll stop now


Here is a pic of my tired maltipoo (@MALTESE) XD


How old are you?
I'm 11!


I'm 11 (year 7)
Turning 12 in a few months!
I got my iPhone this month


I got an iPod :smiley:


You can get cool filters from an app called Prisma!


My crazy hair


XD beautiful


Here is picture of an elk that I took. His name is Shamis (IDK how to spell it. It is ponounced Shay-miss) Also big horn sheep!


Do you use prisma?
(I love prisma)



Me holding a frappucino

tears I'm broke


I use that app too! I'm obsessed with it :joy:
@LavenderArts, yeah, I use Prisma.


Okay, I thought so!
(I have a dog too, and we used that kind of effect on her.)


Dis is mai emoji pillow that i got for Xmas!!!


Thanks for giving me an idea XD


Ayyy it snowed not much but idc


Woah, is that you? :000