iPad and Camera Photography


I got a lens kit thing for my phone, so here's some pictures of... stuff...



Woooohhhhhh how


Picture of the tv I got for Christmas


this is my life now


:000 why is my name written in your notebook?
ohhh, it's for the request :'3


Photos of my cats! I have two and they're 14 years old. The first photo was from my dad and the photo quality for the others were messed up because I poke at my phone lens when I bored


This duck has an Afro guys​:joy:


Just bored

Pretty colors


couldn't see very well XD


I added a cool effect to the photo of my dog!
If anyone wants me to add effects to their photos, just ask me! There are a lot of different effects, and I'll choose the best one for your photo =D


hbjctygvhbFFEHO THAT??? LOOKS??? SO??? COOL???


Do you want me to edit a photo of yours?


i dont really have any cool photos :')
so, sadly, no


It doesn't have to be cool!
I'm just bored okay


Um, I hope you don't mind, but...

*thrusts pics at KS*


I made some edits in another photo of my dog :3
Which one is your favorite?

  • 1st one
  • 2nd one
  • 3rd one
  • None of them
  • All of them!


Votes are public.


whoa what
nice effects :000 yoongi looks great :thumbsup:


Idk XD


he ALWAYS looks great


it's true thooooooo