iPad and Camera Photography


... it's actually a picture on a Greek vacation website


I took it in Cape Cod :confused:


Idk then lol



I went to a Japanese restaurant and the dessert is so cute!


I love it! Mabye you can make it into a trail art!


Yea, I was thinking about that or pixel art. Thanks for the idea-ish!


I'm not kidding, my dad took a picture of it
Let's not argue on this. Ok?
Maybe the website saw it on facebook, and saved the image


Here are a few christmasy photos. They will be labeled BENEATH the photo

This one is taken in Hong Kong disney land.

This one is taken in Hong Kong in a hotel I was staying at.

This one is actually not taken on the same tree, it was taken in Hong Kong at a mall.


Awesome pics!
Let me guess, are you in Hong Kong?
It's so hard to tell. XD
Seems like a cool place, though.


No, I used to live there. Now I'm in the USA (Can't tell you which state though)


Omg same, they are so amazing omg


Yes xD

Narwhals, narwhals, swimming in the ocean...


causing a commotion,, 'cause they are so awesome...


XD they are so cute omg XD
BerryFOX yessssss they are amazing, wait no splentastic :00


Ik, it's from a song XD


Ya XD, lotsa people in my class sing that song or they used to XD


Neat XD

I love that song,,


Yup XD
same it's beautiful G:


it's amazing! :0
Except when your sister overuses it...

Oh well


like an underwater unicorn....