iPad and Camera Photography


I'm sorry I just had to-



I know what a church is, I just don't know which church this is


You might not know this anime but it's funny

That dude with the glasses

Maybe that's partially the reason why I wanted glasses XD


XD it's not a garden I have flowers on the sides of my back and front yards


I know what it is!! Its called: your lie in april right???



Ahem... yah


Yep that show is the best they need to make a new season



The look on his face!



It is kinda scary


Can you guys see a squirrel in this picture?


nyeh heh heh

I remember this picture

It is very dark


I got a haircut :>



I have these amazing socks.


that's,,, the greatest thing i've seen all day


Oh my gosh...you look a LOT like me! XD



No thanks.. (freak)


Science notecards :3

Really embarrassing moment:
I have a sups old alto sax and I was performing today and my octave key broke in the middle of a song... I had to go w/o it for the rest of the concert and African Bell Carol XD


My dog! (Taken around last year)
His name is Chico! :D