iPad and Camera Photography


R.I.P my ipad ;-; (i'm using my brothers ipad right now)



You have a nice cat


bepositive hashtags


Don't have a cat but a cat poster




3? Cool! I have 2! I luv mine 2!


Well accualy the first one passed away a while ago :frowning: about 5 months ago :frowning:


My cats!! Can't find a picture of my other one.


Not my cat. I found this one on the internet-but come on, she's pretty cute. :blush:


I took them all myself


Well, me!


These are my three friends.
they literally snatched my school iPad of me in art and took 346 photos precisely.

Sorry I'm not going to.
I haven't got permission and it's not right for me to do so.


You look a bit like me!




anybody lost a cat? He has been on are porch since last night


Some trees


Im eating some cereal!


I like photography! I have a camera that my Nonna got me, a laptop, and I signed up to take photography in our fair!


Basically in isn't full on photography but the background I took though I'm pretty good with photoshop