iPad and Camera Photography


  1. your hairs pretty
  2. what a good puppy? And so many cats? I love them :heartpulse::heart::sparkling_heart::heartpulse:

  1. !!! Thankkss :two_hearts: !!!
  2. I know he was such a handsomeBoy™️ I miss my cat friends already úwù !!


Pictures from a garden walk thing


The bird is my friend


Whoa, that’s so pretty…

  1. Nice hair, I wish that was me lol
    2 Oof I’m terrified of wild animals exept horses cause RAIBIES LOL

  1. Ppfff thanks but trust me hair like mine is very hard to maintain lol
  2. I really should be more careful abt that kind of stuff lol but I can’t help it?? They were so nice and cute sksksks?? Once I fed a squirrel cheese out of my hand I have a severe problem


I mean I gave this one cat belly rubs when I was like 6, my bro’s whole soccer team thought she had rabies (but come on they were 6 too and she didn’t have foamy stuff coming out of her mouth), 5 years later, she’s had kittens and has a clan of like 9 cats, with even more on the way!


Basically the story with my outside cats lmao

it started with two cats we fed who had 4 kittens and we fed them so the kittens would let us pet them and then new ones joined hhhhh…
There was a point where we had like 7 outdoor cats lol
Now our “usuals” are only 4 lol


Aww! They sound cuddly

we’ve got neighborhood cats too. Which we all named.
Aaaand I just spent ten minutes making a family tree of them


Choose your hero

boop vrs nuzzle
That sounds much more cringier than intended but it’s the only way to explain it sory


Thy r both perfect


Boop looks like my schmooda



Ok this has been keeping me up for days what does it mean


Boop (above) looks like my cat whose nickname is schmooda (below)


Oh I see very nice



when you go sushi mode but then realize fishies ain’t part of your diet




when ur russian bear