iPad and Camera Photography





Yknow what I’m sick of cats

This is Oreo who chooses to sit on he very edge of a random piece or cardboard that blew into our backyard


What cats do in one sentence


Once my sister used duct tape to make a rectangle on the brick outside and all the cats would try to squeeze in to sit in it even tho it was just the floor
Shaking smh my head


Lol now I want to try that with my cats


Random photos from my IPad (nobody’s face is in these btw)



You have a hamster?!
Aww, she/he is so cute and teeny!!
Looks like a Syrian hammy


It is A Syrian. Here is more pics of her her Name is Pearl


She’s so cute!!!
I used to have one too, but it didn’t really work out.
next project is fish lol we just bought a huge tank.


Ok so these are the last pics but she was digging at da speed of LIGHT


Ahajskskandkelwjenndksksa Pearl is so fluzzyyyyyyyyyyyy
She reminds me of the hamster I used to have


She is obsessed over fluffy bedding

She is ripping up her bedding for no reason
I had to put it in for her cuz it wouldn’t fitimage|666x500


Yesh bedding very very fluffy
Except I used fleece for Vanilla (the hammy I used to have)


Vanilla was a good hammy
For a month
URIs just plain sock


Ohmyg these aren’t cat pictures that’s wild mygod


Looks like Bermuda


I haven’t drawn in so long so have more pictures



Today was a fun day bc I saw a stray dog (didn’t pet umu) and stray cats (did pet owo!!!)

Have pictures uwuwuw

There was actually 5 cats I think and one good boy

This is me in heaven yes it’s censored but tell me if I should take it down or whatever lol

I have a beautiful smile

Anyway I can talk about each cat individual cat forever I can talk about any cat I’ve ever met forever but I won’t bc I am a functioning member of society


Plus a very good boy