iPad and Camera Photography



My doggo



Aww, she/he is soooooo cute!


And yeah
She is a cavapoo
(Cavalier King Charles spaniel and a poodle)



HorseLovers Tag List



Wow, the horse(s) are beautiful, and you’re such a great photographer!

  1. Can I join your tag list?
  2. I love horses, these pics are bootiful
  3. Have you ever been to Assateague Island, there are wild horses
    I’ve always wanted a horse


OMG I have that plush owl!


Me too!


aw thanks, my friends and i took a bunch, so the first and last arent mine, i’ll post more of mine later


yea sure i’ll add u in
thank u! and no i’ve never been there, but i’ve heard about it


I have it too! One of friends gave it to me when I turned 11.


I love the horse!
Gimme it


Omg this was when I was still in elexmentary

Anyways here’s something I did 2 something weeks ago, no filter or anything



I’m still in element.ary



I love the left photo


He wants a sprite cranberry


Chilling scene