iPad and Camera Photography



Got it!


Well, it doesn’t look like it’s in the lounge, here is a link
@Ana might be able too let you access it

You have it?


This is a photography topic, not GT


Will remember


You are welcome :]


It’s not lounged. It in random stuff, where all of the GTs are. @CTS can’t see it bcuz they’re a basic user. Once they get to member, they’ll be able to access it




have a few from my trips to multiple national parks 2 years ago, camera, not iPad




I never knew you had a puppy ILoveChickens!


Yes she is named buttercup and she is , oh, 9 month old. Very friendly, very naughty. She would like you.


That sounds so cool ILoveChickens! I’m glad that you think she would like me! ;-D


Buttercup’s soooooo cute!!
What kind of dog is she?


The kind of dog she is is baby!


Also she’s a yellow lab ;))


Does she get along with the guinea pigs?


She thinks they are little puppys. But we do not let her play with them but she is fond of looking at them run around thru the glass wall of their litle house and smellin them when she gets the chance.
Also she tried to jump to kiss charlotte when I was holding her


She also, everie night, thinks to herself I am going to play with the small and yelly dogs and then sniffs the sugar glider’s door n does her little jumpy play with me thing she does when she meets other dogs n then the sugar rats yell @ her n she runs away crying



Poor doggy…: (


i no right

iv raibvighru23bhu