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Sweet necklace!

Is it amethyst?


Yes. I have another one made of sapphire, but I think I lost it :sweat_smile:. It’s probably not real, I got the materials at a craft store.


Ooh that’s really cool. I’d love to see the sapphire one if you ever find it :slight_smile:
That doesn’t matter I guess. It’s still really pretty


What’s a POL necklace?


POL is CTS’s amazing comic, on hopscotch!




POL is @CTS comic in Hopscotch. It stands for Powers Of Life. You can search up ArmedLaser, that’s her account for the comic.
It rocks and it is really really good. Don’t doubt it




@CoderOfMagic my topic won’t work


What do you mean?
Ur GT?


Well, if it tells you the date, don’t tap at the end tap at the name of the Topic


Yeah. I think someone keeps putting it in the lounge


What does that mean


Well, it’s not inappropriate at all! I can still access it!
@FearlessPhoenix Can help!


Also CTS
I tagged in my GT so we can talk there, you got it?


No. I can’t access my topic


I can, let me tag U there.


Did it.
Tagged you three times on your GT


Do you know any regulars?
I might be one, how do you pull it out of there
@ChickenGirl I don’t know who you are but you are a regular and @CTS and me need you to pull something out of the lounge


FearlessPheonix is. Idk since I’m not a regular. Maybe look for a “pull out of lounge button” or something.