iPad and Camera Photography



ill have a 3 night stay


what is the food next to the ko?


geck o food it is for the geck co


i always wanted a geck o and geck co

u lucky duck :duck:

Beach adventures w/ doggo (Pt. 1)

Since it got colder ice started forming on some driftwood


Cool! Do you live by a beach or something, and that’s how you got the pics?


Yeah, there’s a beach not far from where I live. There’s usually 1 or 2 dogs there during the warm months.

I just used my phone to take the pictures.


Sometimes, Sunday is a well behaved birb.

Other times, he isn’t.


His name is Sunday! He misbehaves! Wow what a lovely criminal I love him :sparkling_heart:


Or here?


Yes this is absolutely adorable! You have horses? I’m horse crazy! I have a question about horses for you- is a canter the same thing or slower than a lope? I know lope is western and canter is English, is one faster than the other?


oh cool!
nope, loping and cantering is the exact same thing, just the type of ridining is different
it may not look like the horse is doing the same thing (cuz western tends to go a lil weirder) but they are the same speed


First one is a wild horse, second is a picture I drew about horses:)
For you especially @HorseLover347 because I know you are horse-crazy like me;)


Anybody on?


Arizona’s pretty


My recreated P0L necklace, @CTS wanted to see this so, yeah!


Looks great! Thanks for showing me @CoderOfMagic! I have my own, but it’s purple.


Cool @CTS!
If you want you can show me:) thanks for all the help to boost me 2 featured:) couldn’t have done it without you:) bestie!


I haven’t been to Arizona in years. I lived there when I was really little.


Here is a pic of my POL necklace, though it’s not as fancy as yours @CoderOfMagic. It was the original design. :slight_smile:

(I keep forgetting how to work on here)