iPad and Camera Photography



She/he is so fluzzy!!!
Those floppy ears!!!


I’ve realized I have a lot of ponctuées from the summer that I never posted so here we are

Ft. My younger brother

This is a butte by my house

These are all from from backpacking over the summer (I’m the one with brown hair)

Another butte near my house

This is a montain with a lake near the top


As you can probably tell I’m great at picture captions


More adventures in the life of Herbert sherbet
And also my friend near the ocean

My beautiful puppy




At my farm


Wow, 28 photos. The ones under “my beautiful puppy” are of my Anatolian Shepard, the one under “rain” I took on a rainy day around my farm, and the ones under “on my farm” are from outside my window and the sunrise in one of the fields, and some of the cows and steers.


picture of the unholy darkness outside my house

it’s like five thirty


Me too


Me and cat


Me getting attacked by cat out of order.
My scratches are pretty much fully healed now tho lol


Hey I got a new clock and it projects the time on my wall. This is barely photography but eh

It’s better with the lights off but then I can’t take a good picture

Sorry I post on this topic so much dûmb things but I don’t really post on other topics much and I want to stay active ^^


woah i love your wallpaper lol






Why would you leave her last month to go to Canada she is small and does not eat very much food


well shoot it seems i’ve been bested

well i haven’t asked yet but i might get a snek and if i do i’ll come back for revenge!


OOf oh no that’s sad


wut dat yellow blob
I think @Mr.rex or @Miss.Rex hair fell off :open_mouth::baby:


i agree