iPad and Camera Photography



No these are mine


hhhh I swear I’ve seen that fish tank before

but whatever I’m done with you bye


Here’s more


I’ve taken pictures before lol


I mean I saw it in a hotel once

bye see you never


Does this look like a hotel


no now will you leave me the heck alone now


A photo I took in my pitch black room with flash on of my cat Yang licking my pillow pet for some weird reason after sniffing the catnip pile he made when I forgot to put the bags of catnip away before our trip. Sorry that my toe and knee photobombed.
Oh yeah, and my other foot’s toes.


Asksjalksalskalla so cute


Sunset photo from some days ago!


Pretty clouds!



I like dat photo.


Have this pic of my cat that my mom took that I drew on and photoshopped.
That black blob is actually the back of my body, but I don’t want to post more than a hand of me.
My mom took it because Yang looked like a decoration, and it was dark, so she had flash on, and his eyes glowed.
And then I added the lasers.
Also those devil ears are actually on me in the real pic.


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enjoy the roomies melody (top two and last) and lily :boom::boom:
also i do use editing apps (well i just started) and i used VSCO mostly in this one it’s good


Awww, they’re adorable!!
Also I’d give you a like but I ran out.


birb update


Tired doggo reveal


I love that dog please tell them they are beautiful and I love them thank you



give them a hug for me


Aww, she/he is soooo cute!!