iPad and Camera Photography



Can I join too? I forgot to say it in my last post XD


Yep! I edited you in. I hope I see a sea turtle or a colorful fish or something!




look at my kitty friend




Hug!! I love them!! :heart:


My dogs are literally so beautiful I’m c r y i n g

When I was little I never imagined my own dogs would be more gorgeous than me by such an impossibly large margin but here we are


I love them ! :two_hearts::two_hearts:


they are precious!!!



If you make a doggie tag list I’ll join it!


@Grizzlyzoe, @LunaMorgana387, @Amulet_10, I have one issue about the coral reef and fish pictures. Thing is, we didn’t go snorkeling, I bruised and cut my toes on some rocks and didn’t go in the water after that, I took like five (probably bad) photos of fish, and the other 75 pics are of the trip. So, I’ll tag you if I got any good fish pics, I guess.


Here’s a picture of @mr.rex and his wife and kids on their family trip to Idaho last month.




@Ms.rex looks beautiful today


@Petrichor fishies <3


The only decent ride in disney


wait a second… where did you take that picture??


You want to see more


did you take it in a hotel lobby?