iPad and Camera Photography



It looks like your cucurbit has powdery mildew
I’m a plant nerd



I love these thank youuu


templar and shelby <333

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Those are beautiful horses

I once knew a zabrak almost as beautiful.

He ran away from me.

I think he’s not alive.


You’re good at photography! The photos look awesome, you really caught the light well!
The only thing I don’t like is the bugs. I’m not into bugs. Unless you’re photographing the bugs. Other than that your photos are awesome!!


i’m definitely not. flies love horses and it’s impossible to get them out of the shot
i’d have to take a picture in 2 seconds if i really cared about them being in it

can’t do anything.


oh thank u :))


That makes a lot of sense. The photos still look great! You might want to consider a career as a photographer. : D
Now the iPad will proceed to die on me.


i’m sorry about the bugs! they ‘bug’ me too but they should be slowly going away since it will be winter.

and thank you!!!


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miniature pony <33


:sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :two_hearts: :heart::two_hearts: :sparkling_heart: :sparkles: :two_hearts: :heart::sparkles:


ur horse is so cute oml <333


thx :))


I have some photos too, but my camera ran out of battery… (and it takes some time to change ¬_¬)
So… expect some photos soon! XD


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kiki :sparkles:


She/he is so cute!!


So, I got an underwater camera, to use when we go snorkeling on our cruise.

Anyone want to be tagged for the face-free pics I’ll try to post?

Which…might be after we come back…because my dad has to hook the camera up to the TV or computer or something…
Any photography tips, too? Especially underwater ones?


I suggest you do pics between the water and the air, IDK if I expressed myself
Here is a quick illustration:


oooh yes please!!! id love to be taggedddd


@LunaMorgana387, I’ll try that!
@Grizzlyzoe, okay! I’ll be home on Monday, but may have trouble saving the pics to the computer. I’ll post them ASAP, though!
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