iPad and Camera Photography


Auckland’s SkyTower @ like 6:00 in the morning too early for people to be awake


Are those your legs? First of all, nice legs…second, wow, you’ve either got long feet or shoes that are too long XD
That was meant as a compliment, but I’m not so sure that’s how it came out…


yeah i have pretty big feet lol and long legs

i play basketball and soccer and volleyball and lacrosse and i swim…

and i shop in the men’s section for shoes lol i am a women’s (usa) 12.5


Wow. Athletic. :open_mouth:

Woah…how tall are you?
I have short, stubby feet :stuck_out_tongue:


well i am taller than my mom and my 45 year old uncle

idk how tall i am lol


lol lucky i wish i was taller


Well im almost as tall as my 23 y/o sis and my 42 y/o mom soooooooooooo


yo how tall are you :000


4”10 i think evertone irl has veen dating ive gotten taller lol


:000 ohh okay. snazzy

I’m 5’5” :0


ur in 7th right?? Lets go to my gt XD


yep. kay see ya there XDD


i got this smol Vaseline thing n it’s adorable ajdgnd


ahhhaha I have one of those lil doods ;o; so smol + cute


yey smol Vaseline buddies. honestly the only reason i bought it was bc it was so smol lol ;o;

such a pure child


ahh I have the same thing

except it’s rose or something


omg yes @photographer123 we have gained yet another member in the “smol Vaseline” club :000

the rose one looks so cool wut Neat!!!



zi got it a really long time ago and man there’s so much I’m halfway done

well I don’t really use it


lol never underestimate smol things :’0

honestly i love chapstick and Vaseline and buy so much of it that I now have like 7+ in total. ;-; I’m pretty sure chapstick has an expiration date and I’m worried that ones gonna expire :’0


That is true.