iPad and Camera Photography


Your photos kinda remind me of Neko Atsume, but in real life.



w h a t was his goal for doing this


this looks like kisa-wise


Christmas Photos!



@Ihasfluffycupcakes looks like something my cat would do. He is probably marking his territory.



im gonna do some photos soon… get ready fam i got instax


the ultimate instant film megathread

for beginners

12 common mistakes
why you shouldn’t remove the film cartridge
how to use your photos and more!
9 cool things to do with your instant camera
should you shake instant film?
what pen writes best on film?
get started on instant photography


how to do double exposures
how to do polaroid transparencies
how to use the instax mini 8 and its accessories
how to make a diy photo case
how to make instax photos digital
how to take a centered photo
how to store polaroid pictures
how to create a collage using instant film photos in photoshop


ultimate instax mini 9 guide
ultimate instax mini 90 guide
ultimate instax wide 300 guide
ultimate fujifilm instax mini 70 guide
polaroid sx-70 guide
lomoinstant camera guide
polaroid 300 review and guide


instax mini 9 vs. instax mini 8
comparison of all fujifilm camers

will add more later!


Yay guys! For Christmas I got an instant camera! So happy!




A winter photo shoot with the guinea pigs :smiley:


The one with Charlotte (I think) looks like they’re getting ready to eat and that “mouth” will now haunt my nightmares


aahhh so cute ;v;


I can’t stop looking at them they’re lil eyes are so cute


You have a lot of ginea pigs. Most people I know only have 1


Well guinea pigs are herd animals so they’ll always be happier in groups, and there’s no such thing as too many guinea pigs XD

We started with 2 but we just keep getting more and our house is probably going to get overrun by guineas one of these days… lol


Hehe lol!