iPad and Camera Photography


Lps photo shoot


other people: busy setting up editing and recording their slimes




some photos

@ELemental_cat sea of floof
And mushmeallows fo toasting



that hair though


AAAHH, SO MUCH SNOW!!! Nice photos!


you should go tok Minnesota in Jan or feb it’s terrible here


Ahhh! The snow here is horrible! I used to live in Maryland and we got a bunch of snow, but here in Kansas it’s literally December and we haven’t had any snow, or even heavy winter jacket weather!


ahh omg I was born In Kasas and everyone thinks I’m some cowgirl or something


what?!? that’s kind of odd. I mean people here say y’all and folks instead of family, but that’s the only “cowboy/girl” behavior here.


i can’t blame them, they’re northern XD

Its like teasing Quebec residents for “being” French XD


XD…Gobli lives in Kansas.

We are cold rn, but honestly…when it snows, it melts.

Photo of lightning from Gulf Shore:


our snow is beautiful thouvj, after the blizzards its like 2 feet of pure snow and so fun XD


I’ve never experienced a blizzard.

We had 8 inches once and it was everyone’s best time ever


oh geez Sophia get over here now you can stay with me


I’m good. It’s in the low 30’s outside here…cold for us


not too bad for us, 20 f


We got down below 10 once and you would have thought they had said the world was ending.


oh geez… we got -12 here once and people said they were just freezing in their purple leg warmers


I recently saw this other bootiful cat that would run away from me before I thought of taking a better quality picture :P