iPad and Camera Photography


were you like at a café? that looks soo gooodddd though


Restaurant. :smiley:

just sitting calmly while a hurricane is coming

turns out it didn’t even rain much


oh wowie. Up here in t north, it’s getting nice and cold XD


Right now Maryland is so bipolar one day it’s 80° and the next it’s 60°



The kitty looks sad.


a little storytime-

I walked to this little pet store called petvalu to see da cats there

because that’s the easiest way i can interact with them when it comes to allergies

there are two kittens for adoption in this cage:

one of them is pretty sleepy, and just layed down on a baby blanket hammock thingy.

the other one would be mostly hyper, and would start clawing at anything that sticked into the cage.

when it saw me, it darted its paws through the cage holes. so i put my finger in multiple parts of the cage for it to scramble to me XD

it ended up “getting” me in time and i got a small scratch. enough for allergies…

it was still okay for the most part, when I had to go I high fived the kitten :cat:


I think it’s because I didn’t take it at a lower angle XD



They are really good! I love the one of the farm.


We had a bunch of schoolwork, and I started around 10:30, and finished at 6:20. (minus eating breaks)

My sister (@SoaringFeathers ) is still working and she got so frustrated that she did that to her notes…


@WynterDiamond I have more


It’s even better whe they have a surprised look on their face


The seat would look really nice with one of those iOS colour filters, something like noir or transfer, possibly chrome


@AHappyCoder I can’t get iOS 11… :disappointed:




Actually that only works with pre iOS 11, I realised, so roll on


We made putty
Crazy Aaron’s
It is so smol

Also some cupcakes


These are from when I went to the beach a few months ago. Also, leg reveal! XD
Edit: hid something