iPad and Camera Photography


Wow! They look so cute! :stuck_out_tongue:


My haiiierrre :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


editing photos gone wrong


Here"s a pic! Of some princesses.


For some reason I am proud of this.
(Device taken on- iPad Air 2)


I don’t even know.


me likes
me likes de shadows.
No, seriously, l



Lol I didn’t take these


I call this
"Nightime bricks"


That cat almost scared me!


We grew tomatoes this year and they finally are ripe enough even though they should’ve like three months ago


steals them all


My hot chocolate before I tripped and spilt it on my shirt

Device taken on- iPhone 4s


I took a picture that in pretty proud of today (it’s not good but I like it) I’ll post it in a bit


Awesome photos! XD


Everyone is so good at this
Sunset clouds


And mai flowers

This is my Australia house.
My flight was delayed
I’m staying in Australia for the school holidays
Here’s some more

Should I give you updates on my garden every week?

  • Yas
  • Nah

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Oh, there was a guy walking his buffalo across a beach in Lombok


So the dude’s like a shepherd, but with buffalo ouo cool