iPad and Camera Photography


Ooh, and some airplane pics if I didn’t post any yet XD


‘painted pastries’


whoah. that’s good ;o

Did you do that? If not, could you please give credit to the artist? ;D


It’s not art actually.
It a photo with editing.

And I did it.


yeah, I know. Photographers can also be called ‘the artist’ sometimes.

Oh, okay ;))


WHOA! :OO (i got last years: 2016)


We used our little sister’s dolls to do a photo shoot. It was cool! :camera_flash:


Yay!! Narwhalllssss!!

(Sorry excuse my randomness)


Our neighbors dog is literally the most dramatic dog I have ever met


Ha, no problem (NARWHALSSSS!!!) Besides I love randomness XD


Dat mushroom tho
It can from da Mario world



Aawwwwwwww cute


It came from the ground


My Uncle’s cake! :hugs:


We did mindfulness at school.

Seeing the world from a new perspective.


I edited it myself
That’s my cat


Whoa so cool. Did you actually see them? I once go to touch non-stingin jellies softly/too fingers on their back thing. It felt weird and jelly-ish.


Funny, and your cat is cute! :33


Yea looks pretty dramatic XD.