IOS 10 update, Swift Playground, and so many more new features!


As some of you may know iOS 10 has came out very recently! Which means swift playgrounds has been officially released! I can't wait to use it

There is also tons of features including -
• Cool Features in Messages, cool animation to text, draw pad, and so much more
• New control Center
• And much much more.


I'm so excited for it!:grinning:

Unfortunately, it's not available for my iPad yet.:confused:

I'm still so EXCITED for it!:smile:


I actually got it early with the beta! It's been awesome! iMessages + apps! Siri + apps! SUPER MARIO RUN!!!!! COME ON!!! A MARIO GAME FOR APPLE DEVICES!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!


Oh, by the way, when it come to using Xcode, swift playgrounds isn't very useful at teaching you how to use Xcode. Trust me, I've tested swift playgrounds for months and it's not very useful... sadly.


I started using it and I can't get Xcode since I don't have a Mac. I could use a VM(Virtual Machine) but if I ever want to get a license and make games it would be illegal. So this is the best I can get.


It's already out for me, I feel bad for you


I just check on that and it still isn't out yet


It will actually still let me on the beta version of it, just not the public one...


Did you beta test that game?! :00000


Lol I'm so behind on the updates. XD

I just updated to 9.3.5 lol


How did you get beta of Mario Run!


I can't download swift playgrounds... :/
I have too old of an iPad...


am I the only one not looking forward to this


Why are you not looking forward to it?


I can't download ios 10 either. My ipads too old (Ipad 3)


Why are you not looking forward to this?


Sadly, you can't. The only beta testers are people related to Nintendo or apple somehow. And still, not everyone gets it. It was also just announced on the 7th of September!


It just for iphone?

Just wondering.


Nope! The full update, including everything is available for all 64-bit devices.


If you need me to list the 64-bit iPads I can.