Involuntary debarification


Hi! I, and a few other users (the only one I know of is THE ORDER OF THE STONE 2) don’t have remix bars on any of our remixes.

I just remix a project normally, and it appears as if I made it.


No, not that one.

Like, I physically cannot create a project with a remix bar right now.


Yeah that happened to me. That’s what I might have been explaining but I named it wrong. I call it Bar Disappearance.


Weird. Do you have any idea how to replicate this bug or did it just happen randomly? Try to email THT, they are trying to fix this issue as it sadly has happened before.


I have also noticed that if they remix your project, it doesn’t show up in your remixes tab. I don’t have this problem, but it’s annoying when I try to see if I have requestsand there aren’t any in my remix tab even if someone has given me one.


I would call it Debarification tbh.


@Dylan329 also has this bug.




WHen you remix something it has no bar.


Oh, wait, I do have that bug, just realized it


Did anyone tag THT or Email them about this?


I found out that if you get the new update this happens. I have HS on my school iPad so when I need an update I delete the app and re download it. Now it’s hard for me to chat with my friends! Please fix this soon HS