Invite bυtton not appearing?


Thanks to @FearlessPhoenix and @Petrichor :smiley:

It seems like the Invite button is missing from topics?


Hmm, it doesn't say that you can invite people on the badge description anymore. :thinking:


Hmm :thinking: was it trust level 2 that you could send invites or was it 3?


It said that on member,


Hmm it's not there on mobile view...


Oh, whoops! ^^;


I noticed this a few days ago, I think on a private message. Didn't know it is also gone on regular topics.


Me too, actually.


Me, obviously, because you quoted my post. XD

but yeah, I thought that that was REAALLY weird


It's probably because people were PMing each other


Yea.... but we should have gotten a warning?


Exactly what I thought.


I can't invite people too, and it seems like a new problem because I remember getting an invite from @BB-Box just a few days ago.


Yeah that is so weird!

(Screenshot from this topic)