Invisibility Bug!


See how it's flickering?


Hey @Kitty4U,
This seems very interesting, can I see your code??


Ok, but pls don't steal.


I definitely won't, I only want to see if there's something in your code that is creating the problem..
Can I see the part of the code that's turning the piece invisible??


Um... OK but then I gtg. In a minute, I have to upload something


Sure, hopefully there's something that's wrong with the code and not a bug with the app.
Could you possibly publish it and give me a link??


Well it has something to do with values ;-;
It happened before, on my 2nd game...


I nominated this for featured but didn't make it due to the amount of bugs.

Ok, knock ur self out, I gotta goo


ah, I've figured it out

in the code for that object, there's a "when self bumps anything" that makes it invisible
the thing is that it's also touching the rectangle that acts as the wall when it's visible and keeps on flickering

you can just move the object down a bit or shrink it and the problem should be solved


Hum. I didn't add anything tho... Thanks!


Yeah, this seems to be the problem.


I'll try fixing that then. Thank you!