Inty and Smishy coding partner topic :D



This is a topic for me and my coding partner @Intellection74 to talk about coding partner stuff C:

You can come to this topic but only if you please be a silent reader incase I'm talking about a secret/surprise/upcoming project that I don't want many to know about, etc!


@Intellection74, hai XD


K. I will be silent. After this post or two or three


Okey :D


Hai, @smishsmash! :D


Hai @Intellection74

I'm out of lieks ;-;


Aw. Sorry. ;-;

What project? :smiley:


Really bad pic but my cat is sleeping and making the cutest face :3


That's adorable! Your cat is really cute. :)


You know I just got my feature, that was my goal.
Now ten featured, I don't have a goal. Yes, I do.
Now I'm aiming to get another feature or game changer C:

I was thinking like, a bakery game, where you have to serve Costumers bakery stuffs and they pay you (XD) and them you can use the money to buy topics and power ups to use in the game that get you more money, etc!

Does this sound like a good idea? :3


Thank you! :3


That sounds like a great idea!


Currently I'm trying to play my Melanie Martinez without waking up my cat XD
I'm doing ok so far C:


Thank you C:
I seriously hope I don't give up (I get bored when I try to make big things and don't finish them ;-; )


Nope XD I awoke my cat by banging my knee into the table ;-;
(I'm drawing a sketch of my game right now )


Cool! Make sure to post it here when you're done. I can't wait to see it. :D


It's really bad but do you get what I mean by my very bad rushed drawing taken with bad lighting? XD


That's looks awesome! So, are you going to actually be baking the food or just serving people what they want? Will there be levels or is it a game where you play until a customer gets angry?


You will be baking the food.
You will serve people.
No levels but the more money you get the more you can do.

I want to but it might be really hard...
Do you think you can help me with that when I'm ready and if I do it?


Yeah, I'll help you! This is such a cool game. :D


Thank you! @Intellection74