Introduction to sine + cosine



welcome to the sine/cosine tutorial! you may not know what it is, but we'll show you what they do!
first off, make a value. keep it increasing.

now when you have that done, you can do the fun part. using the sine and cosine.

you now should have a square moving like a circle.

if you want to change direction, go to the first rule. add a set value block, and replace the number in the increase value.

now for the fun part.

i hope this helped!

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What are cos and sin?????
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Thank you so much! I made my first actual sine/cosines project and I ACTUALLY KNEW WHAT I WAS DOING! Thanks! :D


Great tutorial! @Jades

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This is super helpful!

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I love this tutorial because of how detailed it is! :smile: Great job!


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