Introduction to fractals and recursion



You can have a look at some animations :thinking:

Take care with any disorientation, please let me know if it is so.

Hmm any thoughts on these? (whether you haven't heard of fractals and recursion or you have :smiley:)

(There are more zoom ones although they can get a bit disorientating... You can of course search 'fractal zoom gif' if you want to see)

There is more on fractals on this page or you can search up 'fractal' on Hopscotch (if you can't wait for me hehe :upside_down:)

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This doesn't quite belong in maths but I will put it here for now.

And also these gifs are most definitely not mine, here are the links for each:


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You're right about them being disorientating


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And yep i have to be careful with that... Are any of these here disorientating? I will remove them if so.


Not really, tho the hand writing on a page that just continues is sorta creepy...


Thanks for letting me know :smiley:

:joy: Yeah there are some examples with a picture of a TV show which has a TV inside it, and on the screen of that is the TV show with a TV inside it.... And I had some textbooks where the cover had a student reading a book which was the textbook, and on the cover of that was a student reading the textbook...

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What how is that separating how is it still going what how what there's more it keeps going what theres rhikhenokdkjkbodbkjdojoke

Dude this is hypnotizing how


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Yes! I love fractals!! This is amazing!

I'm gonna be editing this:

After the first round happens, only 3/4 of the triangle is left.

Round 1: 3/4


(I'm gonna explain the patterns in a moment, gtg)


In class we're doing fractals. Isn't the first one the Koch Snowflake? They're all cool.


Fractal trees?
I know how to make them (Look up Chaos Game on Numberphile) on paper, but I don't know how to make them on Hopscotch..


Yeah it is! :joy: (I personally find that this can get a bit disorientating but there are videos of "Mandelbrot set zoom" which are much more of the "hypnotising" sort) And yep it keeps repeating itself... :open_mouth:

:joy: aw I see this feels rather confusing :thinking: hmm I meant for these to be accessible and for everyone to jump into, (so this one didn't have any explanations) :upside_down: but I see it can still be confusing!

(And I actually thought that I'd made around that many topics so I went to check but it was only 4 or so! :laughing:)

Oooh I am excited too! (I am hoping of making a follow-up topic to this where I go more into how I recently learnt about these.) And I see you must be talking about the triangle :smiley: I hadn't thought much about working out its area!

Wow you are doing fractals in class :open_mouth::smile: and yep the first one is the Koch curve/part of the Koch Snowflake :slight_smile:

Ooh I had not heard about making these on paper before :open_mouth: sounds like I'll have to check that out! I only very recently learnt more about making them in Hopscotch (which I would like to talk about too, probably in a follow-up topic :upside_down:)

Okay sorry for my extensive use of emojis, I am just really excited :joy:


Yeah, it's very interesting! In every fractal, the area always divergent to 0. I'm going to try to find the sequence of how it works in the triangle. Also, what's very interesting is that a completed fractal has a confined space, but an infinite perimeter!


Yay I love fractles


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oh i've heard of these before. they can also be neverending pictures (as i like to call them). i've heard them from a youtuber called the odd1sout comic as he said that if a farmer had infinite fence posts and he had to use all of them and make a closed shape, he would make it a fractal.


Ooh that sounds pretty interesting :open_mouth:


Who wants to get a free Mandelbrot set app!
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