Introduction to... AE BUCKS!

I have a currency, AE Bucks!

How you can get some

  • Winning comps
  • Kindness
  • My weekly awards

How you can use it

  • Shoutouts
  • Bonuses on my projects
  • Cool Skins or modes
AE’s Weekly Awards

I will give awards to coders.
You must link the project and fill out the form below

What is it about:

Is it worthy for Masterpiece, Excellent or rising?

Is it Easy to code or Advanced

You can submit up to 5 projects!

Tag me for questions

My First AE Buck Donations

  • SwimGirlStudios
  • CB_Studios
  • Rod
  • Goat
  • CrosbyMan
  • creationsofavillager
  • CLPD
    Get 500 Bucks

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