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Hi! I'm KiritoKitteh, HS name is KiritoKitty! I just joined forums so I might as well make an introduction. I am a 12 year old boy who likes to use Hopscotch if I'm bored or if I feel like RPing. I also use Hopscotch to build remakes of games (Final Fantasy II, but I can't code it properly with this new coding layout ;-; ), music (making a megalovania for Hotdog ATM), and trying to figure out how to basic code.

What I am aiming for: A better Hopscotch and better games (although the games on here are already fantastic!)

What I can do: Music primarily, but I can help code (only pretty simple tho), RP, or just help answer questions and stuff.

Q:A time!

Who's your favorite Hopscotcher?
_Um, @SmileyAlyssa! _

Any friends that inspired you to join Hopscotch?
Sadly, no, I came here on my own, but the person who inspired me to code better stuff was probably @everyone <3

Those are some basic questions you can ask! Feel free to comment a question or two and I'll answer it.

I really enjoy Hopscotch and I hope you guys have a great day/night!


Welcome to the forums, @KiritoKitteh!


Hi, welcome to the forum! Feel free to tag me anytime. :D


Welcome to the forums! On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate the community?


9, the only problem I have with it I should the occasional rude HSers, otherwise 10!


Welcome! I'm Intellection 74. Feel free to tag me if you ever need some help.

What's your favorite part about Hopscotch? Do you code with any apps/programs other than Hopscotch? If you could add anything to Hopscotch, what would it be?


Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:


Hi! Welcome to the forum. My username on HS is PupCow2016.

  1. The way most people treat other people respectfully, and the amazing games!

  2. Um, I'm trying to learn C++ on PC...

  3. This is more like a undo, but I would love the old coding layout back!


I know, right? It feels so much easier to use the old layout. It would be cool if you could switch between the layouts.


Hi! I'm Jamie! Welcome to the forum :blush: It's a pretty cool place :wink: Feel free to @ me anytime!
How's it going so far?


The forums has been nice to look at and I can't really check anything in Hopscotch cause of my iOS version on my school iPad, but irl it's okay.


Awwwww okay.
Did you join Hopscotch recently?


Forums I just joined a day ago, Hopscotch IG is in about march...?


Oh okay. I'll be sure to check out your account!


Hi! Welcome to the forum! If you need any help, just @ me like this: @Dude73 and I'll try my very best to help! :smile:


Thanks to everyone who welcomed me!


What would you add to HS
Here's a list of good topics:


Um, if it was besides changing the coding layout, I think we should add more sounds to Hopscotch (the piano sounds need to expand!!!), and maybe a sub feature is importing custom sounds.


Extremely late welcome! Tag me anytime you want help! :smiley: