Introducing the Hopscotch Web Player!



Happy Hour of Code week!!! We've got something :gift: AMAZING :fireworks: to help you celebrate—the brand new HOPSCOTCH WEB PLAYER!!

You might have noticed a new chain button :link: appear on your projects. Try tapping that, see that your project link has been copied, and then paste it into your web browser.

Press play, and prepare to be like:

Why is this basically the coolest Hopscotch feature maybe ever??? Now, you can share your projects with anyone who has a computer, smartphone, or tablet. You can now play your projects on any device with internet.


Your friend doesn't have an iPad? Text them your project link and they can play the games you created on their phone.

Your teacher wants you to present a school project? Email the project link to him or her, put it up on the big screen, and impress your entire class with your coding skillz!

Like this:

Even more, you're one step closer to coding your very own, real life apps. Try bookmarking your project's web page and see it save to your iPad's or phone's homepage. WHOA.

Check out this project, for example:

The Web Player was pretty complicated to build and, just like with the Hopscotch app, you'll probably find some bugs. We'll constantly improve the Web Player, and we'd love your help. If you find any bugs, please email us at with the project link and description about what's going wrong.

Thanks! Can't wait to see what you do with this!!!

How much progress have you made on the Web Player?
Apps or websites?

You'll love this, @BlueOrangeFangio!


YASSSS!!!!!! i is happy now! and i did look like those .gif's


On the outside:
Wow, that is a really awesome feature. Congrats.

On the inside:


same reaction, this is awesome!



I'm that happy


I have known this for awhile, but still though.
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! :joy: :sunglasses: :joy: :sunglasses: :joy: :sunglasses: :joy: :sunglasses: :joy: :sunglasses: :joy: :sunglasses: :joy: :sunglasses: :joy: :sunglasses: :joy: :sunglasses: :joy: :sunglasses: :joy: :sunglasses: :joy: :sunglasses: :joy: :sunglasses: :joy: :sunglasses: :joy: :sunglasses: :joy: :sunglasses: :joy: :sunglasses: :joy: :sunglasses: :joy: :sunglasses: :joy: :sunglasses: :joy: :sunglasses: :joy: :sunglasses: :joy: :sunglasses: :joy: :sunglasses:

OMG= Oh my gosh

I am doing hour of code but not Hopscotch version, I am doing! At least I am doing a hour of code, got me started into coding but now Hopscotch has made me want to be a profensial coder!!!!!!!!


I like it when it doesn't work, you will know why when it happens to you! (the people that hasn't experienced it.)


Great job!! 2020202020202020



I have a question. The web player seems to have replaced our ability to put links into forum posts or elsewhere, in such a way that the project will open in Hopscotch on the iPad. Is that now the case? Or was that just a glitch that I encountered? Or could there be an alternative way to enable viewers to be taken to a project in the Hopscotch app, rather than the web player? I may have missed it. Thanks.


Hm... I seem to be getting a cloudflare error when trying to access the web player. Is this just me?


YES!!!!!!! I've been wanting this! 🤗


this happend to me earlyier


look at this (i know its only in beta faise)


To fix, is the lasttouch uploading slowly.


Yay! I can't wait to try it. Try agario on Your computer


my entry


Yeah, um, that sounds great and all, but...

It doesn't work for me.

I have full wifi bars and everything, put when I click on the link, (then the play button, of course), does anything happen?




Unless if you count a white screen as something.
HELP ME, @Ian @Liza @alish. You're my only hope.


Just so you know, I'm on a iPad. I wonder if this changes anything.


the online web player seems too glitchy for a lot of people, why not have the link button on the project (the one you guys just added) share a link to the web player, while the old method of link sharing shares the link for the hopscotch app, as I tried that to workaround already... and it would be great to have both