Introducing the Hopscotch Project Composer (HPCX) | 𝓐𝓔

The next big thing is here!

Today, I am extremely excited to announce the official release of the Hopscotch Project Composer shortcut! You can call this the Project Composer, HPCX, or anything else that works for you.

A Quick Run-down of what HPCX really is

The Project Composer is a Siri Shortcut that is capable of modding any Hopscotch project. It does so in a way that is unique from everything that is out there, including the legacy shortcut, the Project Builder, and editing the JSON by hand through file transfer.

Here are some of the most compelling features:

  • A “pick what you want” approach to feature support! This is very much like a “package manager” for development of other projects, where you can pick and choose libraries (aka modules) that you want to include.
  • An “infinite run loop” – meaning that you can run different “module” shortcuts like “optimize color fields” as many times as you want. You can even pause the execution of the shortcut to check your notes to see what you needed to do with your project.
  • An open-ended module library: Although I have made a lot of module shortcuts like “Add Secret Blocks” and “Set Image Blocks”, there is also a module template that allows you to create your own custom HPCX module. The door is completely open to create literally whatever you want, and you can even share your mods here. If I think it’s intuitive and powerful enough, I may even add the shortcut to my HPCX showcase page, with credit to you for making such a great contribution to the community!
  • A modern UI (that is, at least for Shortcuts): The User Interface for this shortcut should be easy to understand for everyone. That is why I have included icons and descriptions for every menu item, and it should also look good when you’re running the shortcut! There’s even an indicator to let you know how many times you’ve run a shortcut on the current project.
  • Choose when you want to update: Update your modules whenever you want. Need a new feature for just one package/module? Want to update everything at the same time? The updater shortcut has you covered. You choose the time so I don’t bug you with new installations when you just want to change the stage size of a project or optimize some blocks – that way we’re all happy. You know when something has updated, it’s at a time that works for you, and you get the latest features and fixes.

The Inspiration

There’s been a balance that was always quite hard for me to reach with providing modding tools for Hopscotch: ease-of-use and integration vs. capability and open-endedness.

This shortcut finds the balance between the two; it shatters the limitations presented by the legacy “Hopscotch JSON” Siri Shortcut, yet it manages to keep its ease of use and system integration, which is why some people still prefer to use the legacy shortcut instead of a much more powerful web-based editor (the Project Builder).

To make the transition as easy as possible, I have launched the Project Composer with many mini-shortcuts I made (both separate from the legacy shortcut as well as some integrated actions) and built-in actions from the Project Builder, all ready to use in a few taps. This includes adding secret blocks, editing the global project traits, optimizing color slots, and even some exclusives like “Copy Project Link”

I believe that this shortcut is easier to use than its predecessors, yet it offers a wide array of functionality, and I really hope that you give it a try.

Installing the Shortcut

Just like the old shortcut – though I also have instructions on the new webpage. Here’s the gist:

(if you have used the project builder or legacy shortcuts before, you can probably skip steps 1-3 since that is the initial shortcuts app setup)

  1. Have shortcuts and Hopscotch installed.
  2. Create a random shortcut and add a “text” action, then exit out of it and delete it. (This ensures the next step will work)
  3. Go to the Settings App, and find Shortcuts > “Allow Untrusted Shortcuts”
  4. Create a folder called “Hopscotch” to store your shortcuts.
  5. Go back to the Hopscotch Project Composer page, and download the shortcuts by tapping on these tiles in order:
    1. “Dependency Installer”
    2. “Get the Main Shortcut (HPCX)”
    3. “HPCX Updater Shortcut”
  6. Move all of the shortcuts you just downloaded into the “Hopscotch” folder.
    • Note: this isn’t strictly necessary, but it will really help you keep your shortcuts organized. You can reorganize the shortcuts however you want in there, and put future imports there to separate it from other shortcuts you might use
    • You can also store other Hopscotch-related shortcuts in this folder. They won’t be recognized by the Project Builder unless they have the " :hammer_and_wrench: " emoji at the beginning of the name.

Reporting an Issue

You can report issues with any official modules (that means anything on the showcase page) by filling out this template. Please fill this out completely so that either the creator of the shortcut knows or I know how to fix the issue you described:


Updating is all done by one shortcut: the HPCX Updater shortcut. To update all of your modules at once, just tap that shortcut to run a check! I don’t run checks automatically because that slows down the execution of the main shortcut on every run.

Plus, this suite of shortcuts wasn’t made to need frequent updates like the previous shortcut was. Everything is its own module, and more likely than not, I will just release a new module that you can choose to import.

When you do need to update though, you will be prompted to select which modules to update, and install only the ones you select. Pretty easy process if you ask me.

Feature Requests

I don’t know if I’ll ever formally open feature requests, but if you want to see something implemented, check to see if it’s either already on my list or if someone else has already requested it by searching this topic.

I am pretty busy, so it may take a long time before I even start the request, but the best time to share your ideas is whenever I ask what you want to see next. You can ask whenever though – just know that my response to it probably won’t be fast.

As of the release of the shortcut, I know the next steps will be editing raw JSON and making root level arrays like variables and custom images easier to manage. After that, I’ll see what direction I want to go with this shortcut.

This is something you can really use to your heart’s content. There’s no right way or wrong way to use this. You can use what’s provided, make your own module to fit your needs, or even join the modding scene by creating your own modules to share with the community. I can’t wait to see what you make and what is next for the Hopscotch modding scene!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, or if you have something cool that’s related to this topic, please feel free to share them here!

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This is really cool!


woww the website has super great animations!


Yesss, I’ve been so excited to see this! This is a huge step towards making modding great and accessible.

I’ll have to dive right in and try it. I’m so excited to see where this goes.

Thank you for all your hard work on these projects!


Cool! Nice, ps how did you make the link go under the topic title?


Cool! Is it intended that the dependency installer installs the module template…


Try again – looks like a link was broken, but it should be good now

Speaking of the module template, that was also broken. Should be fixed soon as well.


Merged a post into YCTAYHCH 28

And here’s a video preview of HPCX, which was forever in the works and has finally been released:


Oh Yes. It’s working perfectly now :slight_smile: .


Wow, this is amazing! Great job as always, I’m really impressed with this. So cool!


Awesome! I’m running iOS 15 beta, will it still work?


Same here.


I’m also running the beta


@Awesome_E what if I already have a folder named “Hopscotch” that stores HS data? What would I have to name the new folder then to prevent the “Name already exists” error?

Then again, I can just store it in the cloud…

All of my shortcuts are normally stored in my “Shortcuts” Folder.


Nope – you can just continue to use that existing folder. The whole folder thing is optional, btw, but I recommend one Hopscotch folder to keep all of your HS Shortcuts.

So, what you have (an existing “Hopscotch” folder) works perfectly for this example, since you can store those existing shortcuts and all HPCX shortcuts there


It should work fine, although once updated to iOS 15 I don’t know if new shortcuts will support iOS 14.


I’m guessing it depends on what shortcuts were used in iOS 15. There were some small changes between versions, and a couple new shortcuts like “Return to Homescreen” (which is the opposite of “Open App”).


I’m not able to get past the “run Js Result” block towards the start. Where can I get that shortcut?