Introducing the Hopscotch Coder Society


Hello everyone. This is the Hopscotch Coder Society, a group brought together by a board of currently anonymous Hopscotchers with the intent to bring back in interest in coding, to educate people, and to improve and help maintain the standards of coders.

How to join

To join, just let us know that you wish to join.

Types of members:

You join as an **apprentice coder**. After you've been a member for a month, you can apply for **Journeyman coder**. After you've been Journeyman coder for a month, you can apply for **Master coder**. The Journeyman and Master coder test rules are still in the works, but will be done soon.
Rules of membership

When do HCS memberships end each year?
Membership in the HCS is until December 31. When you join your membership will expire on December 31 of that same year. The only exception is if you join after August, your membership will expire December 31 of the next year. If your membership expires, you must renew it.


We look foward to helping coders and furtherin our goals, especially education.


this is very formal for a coding club but okay


Anonymous coders…?
Sorry, not signing up.


I too am confused about the anonymous…

Why can’t you tell us who is in it??


But if someone asked to be in it then they wouldn’t be anonymous…

What do you guys plan to make with the collaboration?


@decodeco @Jedi4Jesus only the board of directors will be anonymous.


Do you guys plan to make games? Push the boundaries of Hopscotch? Make informative coding projects? Or would it be just a little bit of everything?


Yes, that’s why I’m not joining.


It’s hard to be anonymous on the forum for long.
But you can try. It’s just not the best idea. If you tell us who you are we might be more willing to be involved with your projects.

I don’t care whatever anyone might have told you that made you want to be anonymous, but if you let me know who you are, I’d really like to collaborate with you. If you have a love for code, I’d like to work with you, no matter who you are.


Probably just a few of those people who are taking steps towards turning HS back to coding.

The way they’re talking sounds familiar. Stal98 and Nindroid are on their most liked.
Nindroid might be in it…it seems like his sorta thing…kind of.

Or who knows…it might be someone like one of the curators.


Cool! For me, it doesn’t matter too much if you are anonymous, but you might want to know who you are talking to…


If it’s Stal98 then that means one of my Hopscotch friends in the HCS. :)

Why it may be Stal98
  • I think Stal has RL Hopscotch friends, so he can make a group with them. Stal also wants to make sure that Hopscotch stays related to code.

  • Topic is written in Stal’s style, words that some call “misspelled” are really written phonetically, so if you read it out loud, it sounds like speech. For example, “furtherin our goals” is easier to say or sounds almost exactly like “furthering our goals.” This is similar to when Stal says “fo” instead of “for” when he commented “I’m still meeting people on this who have been here fo years.” If you try saying “for” instead of “fo” it still sounds similar. This is how my sister types as well.

  • Other sentence structure similarities: One of HCS’ comments doesn’t have a period at the end of a sentence. Some of Stal’s comments are similar. Also, Stal uses texting shorthand, which HCS has used in one of their comments.

  • Photo from HCS’ first topic is similar to how code is placed in Stal98’s games in the game tester topic. More recently, I’ve preferred to use Set Position blocks to place where my text and blocks would go, and I’d organize and label my code based off that. I’ve also been better at giving my projects names while I work on it. The way Stal codes is that they place the text and shapes where they are needed, and doesn’t label them. That’s how I used to work because it is more time efficient. Also, both HCS and Stal work in landscape iPad mode. Compare their two screenshots and you can see the similarities I spotted:

  • Some people have been rude to Stal98 (even if it wasn’t intentional) and he might have wanted to stay anonymous. If it is you, Stal, the truth is people can be really mean over the internet. On my other account AwesomeJediE, I had someone call me some terrible things over the forum (thank goodness the topic was deleted by THT). If you put your awesome work out there, people will criticize it. Here are two things I spotted in my remixes just by scrolling:

    Does it bother me? Yeah. But I can’t let other people’s opinions stop me from coding on Hopscotch. You’re not alone in being criticized, it happens to everyone. Jedi4Jesus was an alt I made because I thought my work on AwesomeJediE wasn’t good enough. I pretended to be two different people on the Forum and on Hopscotch for about six months until I decided it was ridiculous to try to pretend to be someone I wasn’t on Jedi4Jesus.

  • Final note: @Stal98 I promise I’m not a stalker. :upside_down_face: I see you as one of my friends and I think I know you pretty well on the forum. If you are HCS, I think it is fine that you made an alt, I just want to let you know from experience that trying to be anonymous is hard. I’d really like to join HCS but I want to know that the person running it won’t shy away from who they are (because that is what I used to do and I’m not proud of it.) Stal, if you aren’t HCS, I still want you to remember that what other people say about you doesn’t really matter, everyone gets criticized at some point and when it happens we should try to learn from it and move on.

HCS announcement

You made me smile a lot when reading that lol
And no, it is not me

Also the ‘fo’ was unintentional and I missed it. I would have probably changed it if I saw it… buts it’s there now and i can’t be bothered to fix it.


What do you mean @sophia71205


What’s this?? @Jedi4Jesus


Stuff like brb, gtg, u, etc.

Would you or @jedi4jesus like to apply for Journeyman coder? You have until 7:00:00 PM (Europe: Paris), 10:00:00 AM (America: Los Angeles) today to submit your first test project. Only projects submitted before then will be eligible for this month’s annual project evaluation. If your project gets tested after that time, you can present at the next Evaluation, on July 1, 2018 (Europe: Paris), June 30, 2018 (America: Los Angeles).


Ok I’m gonna find my project… hang on