Introducing our first community intern: t1!🎉

I just really wanted to add, there are so many wonderful people on this community!! :smile::sob:

Plus just as for my age/gender, I haven’t put any emphasis on it because it doesn’t matter to me so much — whatever age or gender anyone else is doesn’t matter to me when I’m talking to them (by this I mean we don’t treat anyone differently or separately because of that in the least). so I guess I find it is interesting that people commented my age/gender wasn’t obvious as a result. anyway I am only barely 18! I was 14-15 when I started Hopscotching :blush: But like I said, age/gender doesn’t matter as a quality or anything to me. There are lovely and amazing people on here who are proof of that :stuck_out_tongue:

I am a lot conscious about what’s been going on in the forum community since last time when we had community mods/leaders and how many people would love to help out. And I’m hoping that in some ways, you can do things through me… It’s not the same, I know, but I’m here for you :slight_smile: That’s why I added to just tag me if you need anything or have any ideas! And also with hoping to have something for Hops to aspire to as well from this!