Introducing our first community intern: t1!πŸŽ‰


Wow! Congratulations, t1​:blush:

This is an amazing accomplishment. You're an amazing Hopscotcher, and you deserve this.


Ooh congratulations!! You deserve it!


Interns do not get paid.


Wow, congrats @t1_hopscotch!

You really deserve this -- you're a kind, helpful member of the community, and I've always admired your projects and personality.

Again, congratulations! It must be great to be an intern. :)


Not necessarily true. It depends on the company and industry. At my company interns are full time, paid positions

Congratulations @t1_hopscotch. Enjoy the experience.


I just really wanted to add, there are so many wonderful people on this community!! :smile::sob:

Plus just as for my age/gender, I haven't put any emphasis on it because it doesn't matter to me so much β€” whatever age or gender anyone else is doesn't matter to me when I'm talking to them (by this I mean we don't treat anyone differently or separately because of that in the least). so I guess I find it is interesting that people commented my age/gender wasn't obvious as a result. anyway I am only barely 18! I was 14-15 when I started Hopscotching :blush: But like I said, age/gender doesn't matter as a quality or anything to me. There are lovely and amazing people on here who are proof of that :stuck_out_tongue:

I am a lot conscious about what's been going on in the forum community since last time when we had community mods/leaders and how many people would love to help out. And I'm hoping that in some ways, you can do things through me... It's not the same, I know, but I'm here for you :slight_smile: That's why I added to just tag me if you need anything or have any ideas! And also with hoping to have something for Hops to aspire to as well from this!

Are mods/leaders back?

Shouldn't you be a leader? You're a mod but not leader?


Leader is a badge, moderator is a rank.


Hi t1 well done!
I'm so happy that you made it to mod!
You will be really helpful!
again congrats!!!
BTW @Liza will u add leaders , if so do u need to be an intern to be a leader??


Congratulations @t1_hopscotch! :D
That's an amazing opportunity! Have fun being a mod!


Wow @t1_hopscotch!

This sounds really fun, you're without doubt the best person to get this job!


Awesome! Congratulations @t1_hopscotch! Good luck! :D


Congratulations, @t1_hopscotch!!!
I'm sure you'll do such a great job, you're very suitable for the job!


Congratulations @t1_hopscotch!

Ω©( ᐛ )و


I agree with @BB-Box. You totally deserve this and I am a big fan of your work. You are also a really nice community member.


Chiming in here--all interns at Hopscotch do get paid.

@t1_hopscotch is doing real work for us and deserves to be paid for her time.




I saw this ages ago but wasn't logged on. Congratuverylatetions @t1_hopscotch!!!

Did not know that :000


Congrats @t1_hopscotch!!! You've always been super helpful on the forum!!


CONGRATS T1!!!!!!!!!! :tada::confetti_ball::balloon: