Introducing..... Cinema Simulater!



I have spent 2 weeks on this, and then it got stuck in the filter, but now it is out! Introducing Cinema Simulater! You get to watch an amazing movie teaching about cyberbullying and what to do about it. Check it out if you can! :grinning:
Here is the Cinema Simulater link!


Nice! The ending had a little spelling error of background


That was amazing! @Dude73, awesome job!!! :smile:


It's so good! It's fun AND educational! Great job!


Nice game! (I made the people go home and cry)


I emailed about it, THT pushed it put!


Very good. Well done! :slight_smile:




It used to be stuck in the filter, and I can't email with a school iPad, so AHC emailed THT for me and they pushed it out of the filter. :smile:


Awesome game! I loved it!


Awesome, as always :D!

And thanks for spam liking me xD


Nicely done! I thought the old effect on the screen was especially cool ^^


Thanks! Give credit to @CreationsOfaNoob for that, I got the code from his old movie filter! :smile:


Awesome game @Dude73!!!


You know @CreationsOfaNoob put credit to another hopscotcher for making a movie!


Yeah, but I was just inspired by another Hopscotcher... The code and many ideas in it are completely mine (but for one single object, I think).


Amazingly fun and educational!