Intro to me (waddlemarco)


Okay, so nobody here knows me. So here is an introduction.
I started hopscotch a few months ago, I joined the forum a few weeks ago.
I first started programming at the age of six
The first game i made on hopscotch was emoji is sick
I am Christian.
I am a boy.
I don't know what Else to explain, so ask me questions.

Friendly mass tag list:


Can you relate this to hopscotch a little more? I understand how it could be related, but some people may not. :smile:


Hi dude.
So would your prefer to be called a girl, a boy or neither?


If you think this is too personal you don't have to answer, how old are you?


You can call me a boy.


Are you introducing yourself to the forum? I see you've been here for just less than a month. Welcome! Anything specific you want help with, @waddlemarco?


Okay if you prefer that


I can tell you that my birthday is January second


Welcome to the forum! :tada::grinning: I'm glad you joined our awesome community!

If you haven't checked out the communtiy guidlines yet, I would reccomend reading them! :smiley: