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Hi vortex like my last topic I have another "complain about hopschoch" like said we still need respect hopschoch of what we got

Hi vortex here and what this topic is not talking MORE of 500 followers as you can tell by the name of this topic I will be makeing ittle intros for any one who wants now there will be different kinds like rain, abstract, tripod, custom

Please tell me I of you want one I don't know make those long lists so you guys can edit it then add your name when you are doing that next to your name but your hopschoch name then I will make a reply with your hopschoch forum name then say when I will post it it might be a little late sence I have lots of work + a memorial coming up so if that happens I'll tell
I think this how make a list

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This days "complain about hopschoch"

  • We want be able to comment on games
  • We want more notes and able to have other instruments
  • We want group made games were you can have people help you in games with code and have group chats and you can invite people to help ETC wow thaty was a long one
  • You can dislike things


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I don't think there should be a dislike button. :/
It would discourage some people and it would be a very negative thing. D:



I agree with @Pingu. I would only get the "dislike" button on all my projects and it would get pretty discouraging.


I know but some people might want that I dont


If anybody wants a dislike button
They are officially a hater
#hatersbackoff who's with me mirfandas!?


I mean just critiquing is better because you actually say why.


@KVJ lez be voting buddies :smiley: