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Of all these fine folk on Hopscotch, many do just seem content to staying there. At first I thought that the forums deffenitly could not have as much to offer as Hopscotch sure did. But, upon arriving to the forums, I discovered that the forums have just as much to offer. For example, the kind community didn't ever change, all these Hopscotchers are collaborating and being as creative as on Hopscotch! Of course, the forums are meant for helping others and collabing. Since I discovered this not to long ago, I decided to interview some Hopscotchers who, too, expanded their horizon and joind the forums. The Hopscotchers that I interviewed were asked non-personel questions, exactly five, and all the same ones. I asked all the same ones to compare and contrast peoples bacgrounds and how they enjoy themselves. Without further ado, here is the article; the project on Hopscotch is coming soon.

@Glitter_Kitty joined Hopscotch in November of 2014, they joined because of their love for coding and the great community. Many people on both the forums and Hopscotch really love many different things about Hopscotch, but the thing that people, in general, enjoy the most, is the coding; personally I really appreciate every bit of Hopscotch! I was curious what some Hopscotchers think of Hopscotch! So I asked them. @Glitter_Kitty thinks that Hopscotch is one of the best apps ever! Other than being on Hopscotch, @Glitter_Kitty enjoys drawing, reading, eating, watching videos on Youtube, and playing with their pet hamster! I think that @Glitter_Kitty is a kind and appreciative person who is also a great coder. Thank you @Glitter_Kitty for letting me interview you!

@WinningMonkey started Hopscotch for school and had to spend an hour on it every day. Like many others, Hopscotch seemed like boring school work since they knew nothing about how to code, or really, coding in general. @WinningMonkey's favorite thing about Hopscotch is the great coding that you can do, they love that you can walk away at the end of the day knowing that you have created something amazing! They truly love Hopscotch, and have been on it since April 13, 2015. Some hobbies in real life that they have are, playing softball(this game is kind of like baseball), baking, and kapa haka. If you did not know, kapa haka is a dance. In my personal oppinion, @WinningMonkey is very open minded and creative, they are very nice on both Hopscotch and the forums. Thank you @WinningMonkey for letting me interview you!

@Doodliedoo started on Hopscotch about two or three years ago, on a different acout than the one they use today, and Hopscotch was just starting to evolve from beta. According to them, there weren't many "magmaPOP"s or "orangescents" back then. XD Imagine a Hopscotch without so many "magmaPOP"s... They were enthralled as they deluged deeper into the world and physics of coding itself, and as the community began to evolve, their experience was at the brink. They started when they came across games in the app store for the fist time. They had just bought an iPad, in hopes of expanding their knowledge in something that would actually prove useful(and also prove to annoy people with ringtones and alerts). @Doodliedoo's hobbies in real life are art, music, reading, and basically anything that has to do with your right brain. I think that @Doodliedoo is fair, well developed with their writing skills, and has a kind sense to them. Thank you @Doodliedoo for letting me interview you!

This article was written by @iLikeChocolate, or, me, so please do not steal this or I will flag you. Thank you for reading this, and have a fantabulous day!


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