Interviews for the huggingfluffybear news!



So I decked I want to do really cool interviews for my huggingfluffybear news so just request and fill In this

Username on hopscotch?:

How long have you been hopspctching?:

What's your best project?:

Have you been featured?:

Do you code a lot on hopscotch?:

Do you know any other coding?:

What is your favorite charecter?:

And that's it for now I will put people in in order! Thanks! From the fluffy bear


Wow two likes allready!?


Follow 4 Likes Official:
3 months
Music Kit
Ya (music)
Ya (still learning HTML)


Okay you will be in and one thing I will change this but your best project not best game!


(In robot vice)

Thank you for visiting have a nice day in the forum!


Creative Coder
Like 9 months
I dunno (shrug)
Addin' more questions on me? Parrot I guess.


Name: XiaoMiaoMi [小喵咪]
Time: About 1.5 years now!
Game: An old project called "Lets fight Snowmen!", on my old account
Featured: nope
Code: Yes! Music and updates for MiaoMi-Pad
Other code: I'm learning JavaScript!
Character: Parrot! Least favorite is Bird, because it means your project didn't make it through the filter ;-;


Since August 2014 (multiple accounts)
I like to think the leafeon pad or pastel pad
I should have been!
Scratch I wanna learn JavaScript
Miss Chief


@marshmallow3 and @XiaoMiaoMi and @CreativeCoder I added something else!


Lol I edited already


Okay thank you! You will be sitting at the desk in the project!


What's your favorite hopscotch charecter?


Bear or Robo


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To @Follow4LikesOfficial

Should be done tommarow evening or maybe tonight it's almost done!


I had to.


Phase Admin®
For almost a year now!
Probably my DreamLand project or Tap Titans.
No, I haven't. But I feel a great future for me to being on featured!
Yes I do code a lot! It's what I do! :yum:
I do know other coding, a lot of HTML and some CSS.
My favorite character is..... Cosmic Cody!!!!!!!


Giraffedolphin26 :dolphin:
2 great years!
My giraffe-pad, I'm really proud of it
Yeppers, twice!
I'm starting to learn html! I'm also playing around with Tynker, but I like Hopscotch best.
Chillana because she's so...chill :sunglasses:


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Wow no more requests guys right now a lot of people that I will work over the weakened!