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We are doing interviews. Fill out the form below and you may be in our news.

Forum username:
Hopscotch username:
Hopscotching since:
Why pick Hopscotch:
How did you find Hopscotch:
What are you good at in coding:
Do you like Hopscotch:
Story title:
Your interesting news story (example: @SmileyAlyssa started following me, this awesome hard-to-make game called Diving Quest is coming out soon, I am taking requests, etc. Just don't put that a famous Hopscotcher liked your project.):


What is with the title? :neutral_face:


Oh, I have to add a choose your title question—or what do you mean?


Forum username: SmileyAlyssa
Hopscotch username:SmileyAlyssa :blush:
Hopscotching since: October 2015
Why pick Hopscotch: It is so cool! you can make anything you want!
How did you find Hopscotch: I saw it on my friend's iPad
What are you good at in coding: Games, quotes
Do you like Hopscotch: LOVEEEEEEEE IT
Story title: Smiley?
Your interesting news story: I automatically go on featured once because I did so much code!


You are in! It is going on immediately, but these stories won't be the originals. They may be shortened or added to. They definitely won't be the same.


Forum username: Paydent12
Hopscotch username: Paydent12
Hopscotching since: December '15
Why pick Hopscotch: Its simple to make games. You can even post the game and have others play them - + Theres a great community! :slightly_smiling:
How did you find Hopscotch: Its was Hour Of Code, and I had a couple of friends playing on HS. I asked what it was, they told me, I downloaded it, and fell in love!
What are you good at in coding: I usually make games, recently Ive been doing Trail Art.
Do you like Hopscotch: Of course! Thats why I always play it.


You missed the story part, the whole point of it.


What do I put there?


Got it! :wink:


What you want the title of your news story to be, and the story itself. Please just edit your last post.


It is on! Just finished, @SmileyAlyssa!


Ok, but I am on a computer! I will see it when I go on my iPad later!


Yeah! I had to make it longer, I did. And I tagged you.


That does TRICERA mean?


I think its just the name of his news station


I want one! Please! It sounds awesome!
Forum username: Rubywolf1
Hopscotch username: Rubywolf
Hopscotching since: April 2015
Why pick Hopscotch: It's great for coding heaps of creative things!
How did you find Hopscotch: I had to download it for school and I saw my friends playing it
What are you good at in coding: Lots of different things
Do you like Hopscotch: yeah!
Story title: I'm going to start making pixel art and some quotes! I'm currently coding an iPod with music!