Interviews- 2016 ChiTea Edition!



I am going to do interviews! No qualifications except to answer the questions :wink:

Hopscotch Name?
Choose an emoji or character.
Favorite block?
Favorite hopscotcher?
What do you do?
Favorite project?
Best project of yours?
About you?
Favorite part of Hopscotch?



Hopscotch Name? KawaiiPixie
Choose an emoji or character. Bird or comet emoji
Favorite block? Leave a trail
Favorite hopscotcher? All except the mean ones
What do you do? Draw and make models
Favorite project? All that took time and effort
Best project of yours? Frisk with arms
About you? I'm in 6th grade, I'm a girl. I like to draw but I'm more active on the forum. I like to make new friends. I only started in November, but I really enjoy Hopscotch. My little sister has an account on Hopscotch as well. I also like to make models on Hopscotch.
Favorite part of Hopscotch? The friendly nice people :D


Hopscotch Name? SmileyAlyssa
Choose an emoji or character. :blush:
Favorite block? Values!!!
Favorite hopscotcher? Everyone who tries!
What do you do? Games and other random things.
Favorite project? 3rd date by FrumpyEwok. It's a movie, a game, and it's also funny!
Best project of yours? My Holiday Card w/ Mini-Games v1.0
About you? I haven't been coding for very long, but I've tried super hard!
Favorite part of Hopscotch? I can create anything! And there is such an awesome community!

I hope this is good! Tag me when you finish it so I can see!


Thanks guys! These will be done soon!


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Hopscotch Name? Creative Coder
Choose an emoji or character. :dog2: or Venus
Favorite block? Create a Clone
Favorite hopscotcher? I DON'T KNOOOW!
What do you do? I like to make games and other miscellaneous projects.
Favorite project? I dunno
Best project of yours? I dunno
About you? I'm a random Hopscotch that started in June 2015. I love to have fun on Hopscotch and help people.
Favorite part of Hopscotch? The creative aspect of projects and the awesome community.


Can I fill it out? (Taking up space)


Hopscotch Name? Paydent12 (Same as Forum Name)
Choose an emoji or character. :joy:
Favorite block? Set Value/Increase Value and Set Invisibility
Favorite hopscotcher? @Kiwicute2016 and @SmilingSnowflakes
What do you do? I mostly make games
Favorite project? Any project that people work hard on and is entertaining
Best project of yours? Fans say 'What Mystical Creature Are You' -
I say 'Hungry Shark Evoloution v.2' -
About you? I love to code and I love to learn! I also like to play games with friend or on my iPad
Favorite part of Hopscotch? How you can make anything


I guess I will fill it out...
Hopscotch Name? Stick88 (forums and hopscotch)
Choose an emoji or character. :smiley:
Favorite block? Clone character
Favorite hopscotcher? MagmaPOP
What do you do? Not sure...
Favorite project? MagmaPOP's helicopter rescue
Best project of yours? Not sure...
About you? I am almost always happy! :grinning::grinning::grinning:
Favorite part of Hopscotch? You can code games!


Hopscotch Name: HoppingBanana
Choose an emoji or character: :banana:
Favorite block: Set Color
Favorite hopscotcher: Sorry I can't decide too many
What do you do: Mostly backgrounds and cool drawing stuff
Favorite project: I like Astral Pace but there are so many others I love.
Best project of yours: I don't know... Bubblegum Draw????? I honestly don't know
About you: I started June 2015 and I have loved hopscotch ever since! Harry Potter is my favorite series of all time. My favorite color is neon purple.
Favorite part of Hopscotch: The community, and the coding.


Hopscotch Name? Glitter Kitty
Choose an emoji or character. 🦄 or :cat:
Favorite block? Leave a trail or values
Favorite hopscotcher? Everyone!
What do you do? Mainly art, trying to work on more code, but out of ideas
Favorite project? Idk, but right now I am really enjoying Mantid.
Best project of yours? Idk, but my only Featured project is Grid w/ Movable Bear. My favorite project of mine, though, that took the most amount of time was my Shopping Game
About you? I am a nerd who is obsessed with cats, hamsters, unicorns, Hopscotch, YouTube, and noodles.
Favorite part of Hopscotch? Everything, but I love the awesome community the most.


Potter Productions
set value
Make quizzes, art, sometimes movies, just a lot of values
Art? That HP drawing nelly made on trending. Code? MagmaPOP's Minecraft game.
Help the Nerd or Which Harry Potter Character Are You? quiz
I love Harry Potter and I get bullied in school. I'm smart. Super smart. I love drawing and using VALUES AND I LOVE HP!!!
Um, the Harry Potter and Lotsapizza side!


Hopscotch Name? Crazy Crawfish
Choose an emoji or character. :stuck_out_tongue:
Favorite block? VALUES ARE LIFE
Favorite hopscotcher? @MagmaPOP
What do you do? Code awesome stuff
Favorite project? EVERYTHING AWESOME (I have no clue)
Best project of yours? Either Tony's (WIP) or Alien V1.1
About you? I love Hopscotch, the Texans, and drawing
Favorite part of Hopscotch? Having fun with others having fun! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hopscotch Name?TallA:dancer:🏾:rose:@O
Choose an emoji or character.:rose:
Favorite block?Set Value
Favorite hopscotcher?Lotsa Pizza or OrangeScent (can't chose:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)
What do you do?Music(I'm working on it), art, coding.
Favorite project?Kilidoscopes
Best project of yours?Ummmm.....1st hopscotch smooth Backrounds?
About you?Very nerdy, I LOVE Greek mythology, my fav state is New York, and I like dragon ball z.
Favorite part of Hopscotch? Da music and Art!


I like all of them because they all have their own purpose! :smile:
Everyone except for bullies and mean people!
I do random stuff, like games, coded art projects and more!
I don't have a favorite project anymore! :grin:
I spent a lot of time on my "Undertale: :smiling_imp: Boss", and another good project is my "A Portal Tribute!"
I'm Rawrbear, a 12 year old boy in 7th grade! I've been on the top of Featured once, and I've gotten Featured twice in total! I also got on the top of Rising and the top of Trending! I'm ready to help! :smile:
Again, I like all of the parts! :smile: