Interview with the best; for a book!



Im writing a Hopscotch Book, and its basically coding for newbies. It will give you tips and tell what each block is used for. My final chapter will be called "Tips from the Best." I wanted some of the best Hopscotchers to leave a tip for new Hopscotchers and what you enjoy most about the app. Here are some Hopscotchers I would like to have in my book:
(List will be updated soon!)
If you are not on this list, you can still comment. If I think it is a really inspiring quote or is helpful, I will also put you in the book. If your going to comment, please leave your Hopscotch username! If your forum username is the same as your HS username, still put it because it makes it easier when going through! Thanks for reading! :smiley:


This sounds like an amazing idea! I would love to be in it! If you are ever having writers block, tell me and I'll help!


I volunteer as a tribute


I have been summoned! :P

This is awesome! :D
I would really like to be in it. :D


Yep!!! I'll help or be interviewed or whatever you need! Sounds awesome!!! I've got plenty of tips locked up in here! Points at my head :wink:


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Hopscotch : RobotPro

I think one of the most important things is to not give up.
Coding can be frustrating because of how bugs can pop up or how many times you have try again.
A child that didn't give up on hopscotch could become a human that codes machines to stop global warming.

Secondly on hopscotch,
There is going to be some mean people.
Remixing and replying is giving them the attention they want.
Report them, they have no right to be mean to you.
And ignore them,
Use your WITS

All humans make mistakes.

Umm that's all I can think about.
Let me know if I should add more or if I've done something interest wrong and I should delete this.


I'll start by interviewing you first.

1: Why is an inspiring quote you would say to kids who are starting to code/want to code?

2: Why did you start coding? Did anything inspire you?

3: Where do you get inspiration from to create projects?


Awesome idea! My tip would be "Be patient, and never give up"
This will make a great book and once you have done it I will (wether you want me to or not :P) email The Hopscotch Team about putting it in the first row of Game Changers, that way more people will see it! Just @ me when you are done :wink:.


There are times when you feel like you want to quit. But if you quit coding now, you'll never know what it could've taken you. You could have made a machine that purifies water or cures sickness, but you will never know if you decided to quit now. Don't quit. - KawaiiPixie on Hopscotch


No need to delete it, it's awesome! This is a really inspiring quote. I think I'll use it! Thanks so much.




What inspired you to code?


Could I possibly do it. :wink:??


1: What inspired you to start coding?

2: What is an inspiring quote you would say to new coders?

3: What makes you want to keep coding? Doesnt it get boring after a while?


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Would you like to be apart of it?


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Sure, anybody can! :grinning:


My dad told me that he created cool games for his classmates when he was my age. So it was my dad :)


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