Interview with SA!


Is this the community you meant? If it wasn't, oops, sorry.

SmileyAlyssa CODING PARTNER! (Chosen)

Yea this is good!!! XD


Ok. Give me a minute to get the questions. BRB


Ok @SmileyAlyssa, what is your favorite project?


Third date by Frumpy Ewok


Why is it your favorite?


Because it's like a movie, it's a game, and it looks like hard work! Plus it's funny too.


Do you have a favorite Hopscotcher, and if you do, who is it?


No, not really. I like everyone who tries!


Sorry BRB my sister is stealing the iPad


I'm back. What is your favorite kind of project? (Games, art, etc.)


DEFINITELY games! I love how they are so fun and creative, and they are so hard to make! I love em!


Can u ask me questions also?!?


@MYD, when I finish. You can have a interview too! What's your Hopscotch ID?


What does that mean??


What is your favorite part about Hopscotch?


What is your name on Hopscotch?


Make Your Day
(What are you going to ask me?)


How you can make anything you want!


Probably what I'm asking @SmileyAlyssa.